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Our Fee Structure

We believe our fee structure represents good value.  Our principle aim is to provide high quality dentistry but we also aim to give value for money.   We review the fee scale annually on 1st January taking into account changes in our overheads.  This not only includes the usual business overheads, such as rent, rates and utilities but also the cost of our equipment, materials and our laboratory costs.

Estimates for Proposed Treatment

Written treatment plans and estimates are always available and we are happy to discuss costs with patients in order to plan treatment in financial stages.

Payment Methods

The majority of our patients "pay as you go" - in other words payment is made at the time of treatment.  There are various dental insurance schemes on the market which many patients find suitable for their needs.  We are always happy to complete insurance forms and provide itemised receipts where necessary.  We accept cash, cheques and most credit/debit cards.

Fee Scale

Routine examination/check-up £31.00
New Patient consultation £37.00
Children's examination/check-up £12.00
(Ages 5 up to 18)  
Large panoral £45.00
Small x-ray (first film) £12.00
(subsequent films) £8.00
Hygienist Services  

Independently tailored to your needs:  this is not just cleaning but involves tuition and practical demonstrations on how to improve oral hygiene techniques at home.  Appointments vary between 20 and 60 minutes depending on complexity.     

from £40.00 - £96.00
Fillings Small  Medium  Large
Amalgam (silver) £61.00  £71.00  £91.00
Composite (white) £74.00  £88.00  £105.00
Deciduous (baby) tooth £45.00
Root Canal Treatment  
(including x-rays & filling)  
Incisor/Canine £240.00
Premolar £295.00
Molar £360.00
Extractions from £85.00
Single arch (upper or lower teeth) £210.00
Both arches (upper & lower teeth) £320.00
Acrylic Dentures  
Full set of dentures from £895.00
Full upper or lower from £530.00
Partial dentures £370.00 - £530.00
Temporary Denture from £275.00
Repairs to denture £50.00 + lab fee
(lab fee for simple repair approx £35.00)
Additions to denture £95.00
Cobalt Chrome Dentures  
Partial from £675.00
All ceramic crown £455.00
Re-cementing crown £50.00
Veneers and Inlays  
Porcelain Veneer £455.00
Inlay £455.00
Priced per unit/tooth: £455.00
Re-cementing bridge £60.00
Mouthguard from £85.00
Bite Raising Appliance (Splint) £120.00
Emergency appointment £40.00
Assessment for implant treatment £130.00
Out of hours call out fee £150.00