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About Us

The General Dental Council

As dental professionals we are obliged to adhere to the standards laid down by the General Dental Council. At Laxey Dental Surgery we believe these are just a minimum standard and we strive to:

  • Put patients' interests first and act to protect them
  • Respect patients' dignity and choices
  • Protect the confidentiality of patients' information
  • Co-operate with other members of the dental team and other healthcare colleagues in the interest of patients
  • Maintain our professional knowledge and competence
  • Be trustworthy

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Our Practice Charter

What our patients can expect from us:

  • To be greeted in a friendly & welcoming manner at all times.
  • For the practice to be a pleasant and comfortable environment.
  • For the dental team to keep up to date and fulfil professional requirements.
  • During normal opening hours for patients with toothache to be offered an appointment within 24 hours.
  • To have treatment options explained and a chance to ask questions.
  • To be offered advice and information relevant to individual needs.
  • To be seen as close to the designated appointment time as possible and to be kept informed about any delays.
  • Confidentiality at all times.
  • For any complaint to be treated promptly, reasonably and professionally.

What we ask of our patients in return:

  • To be courteous to all members of the practice team.
  • To value their own dental health and take advice from the dental team.
  • To recognise the importance of our preventative care philosophy and attend regularly as requested by the practice.
  • To appreciate that if attendance lapses and becomes too irregular de-registration will take effect.
  • To give reasonable notice in cancelling an appointment (preferably 24 hours) and to understand that a charge to help cover overhead costs may be applied to late cancellations and missed appointments.
  • To recognise that the dentists' role is not purely clinical and time is set aside for non-clinical tasks.
  • To respect the need for the dentists and their teams to have adequate time off.